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Friday, January 20, 2006

There's Gold In Them Dare Hills

You know everyone thinks that a coin has to be "old" to go up in value or be worth something. I go to the bank everyday for my business and today one of the ladies show me a gold $20 dollar from the eighteen hundreds. She said her grandfather gave it to her when she was a little girl and asked me what it was worth. After looking at the coin and seeing that it was a common date I explained to her that watch the price of gold for its value. She though because it was "old" that it was worth much more...

Well the point to my story is that last year the 2000 one ounce gold Lunar Dragon went from $485.00 to $995.00 today. Plus lets not forget the 2004 Platinum $100 Proof Liberty Eagle that when from $1,500.00 to $4,500.00 in less than a year..!!

So my advice is to buy Austrialian 2001 Year of the Snake 1oz Gold Coin before it goes out of production. The Lunar horse has gone up a $100.00 in six months since it went out of production. Also buy the $100 Proof Platinum 2005 Eagles before they dissapear...



Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Trip to Hong Kong for Gold & Silver

Every four months I take a trip to Hong Kong on a buying trip for Chinese gold and silver. What a surprise in what has happened since the Chinese people have been able to hold gold and silver. The gold coins have gone up about 10% and the silver coins with low mintage have seen a rise of 15%. The colored silver coins have skyrocked 25% and are impossible to obtain. The dealer stock has dried up and it is very hard to find a good buy even with large purchases.

Jeff Smith

Monday, December 27, 2004

Planet Hollywood Stock Certificate

Signitures of Demi Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegge, Sylvester Stallone, & Bruce Willis on the front of the certificate..!!

On October 12, 1999, Planet Hollywood International, Inc. announced that it would file petitions under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in Delaware. The Company and its subsidiaries continue to operate their businesses as debtors-in-possession. Furthermore, on January 27, 2000 Arnold Schwarzenegger said he is ending his five-year contract with Planet Hollywood International.

As an investor, the actor was the public face of the troubled restaurant chain, along with fellow box office heavyweights Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and Sylvester Stallone. The actor said he has sold his interest in the Orlando-based company.

Jeff Smith

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Webvan Group, Inc.

Webvan Group, Inc. Stock Certificate

Webvan Group, Inc. was an Internet retailer offering delivery of consumer products through a proprietary business design that integrates its Webstore, distribution facility and delivery system. Webvan's product offerings were principally focused on food, non-prescription drug products and general merchandise including housewares, pet supplies, consumer electronics and entertainment products and books. The Webvan Webstore was an informative and personalized Website that enabled users to quickly and easily navigate and purchase from a wide selection of items. The store directory was divided into intuitively organized categories and allows the customer to quickly and efficiently find items. In July 2001, the Company ceased operations and filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The Company has no plans to resume operations, and it will pursue an orderly wind down of its operations and sale of its assets and business.
Webvan Stock Certificate

When a Webvan certificate went on the auction block on Ebay, the Web page drew over 27,000 viewers. The final selling price of this single share certificate was over $500.00 and more than 300 e-mails arrived from around the world. Comparatively, a typical stock certificate auction on eBay attracts from 50 to 80 people. A particular fascination with the Internet sepia-tone certificates is growing because these dot com companies were short-lived and their share certificates have become exceedingly rare and collectible.

Jeff Smith

Friday, December 24, 2004

1986 to 2004 1 oz Gold American Eagle PCGS MS 69 Coin Set

1986 to 2004 Gold American Eagles

1986 to 2004 "(1oz -$50)" Gold American Eagle PCGS MS 69 "19 COIN SET"

DESCRIPTION: A FULL SET OF 1oz -$50 Gold MS 1986 to 2004 19 COIN SET all of these beautiful Rare coins are graded "MS-69 by the #1 Service PCGS***
Jeff Smith

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

1999 State Quarter "Silver" set with flags

1999 State Quarter "Silver" set with flags graded by PCGS PR69 DCAM.

1999-S Connecticut, 1999-S Delaware, 1999-S Georgia, 1999-S New Jersey, 1999-S Pennsylvania. "5 COIN SET"


DESCRIPTION: This set was issued by U S Mint and contains a full set of 1999-S PR69 DCAM "Silver" State Quarter Set consisting of 1999-S Connecticut, 1999-S Delaware, 1999-S Georgia, 1999-S New Jersey, 1999-S Pennsylvania. The State Quarters have been graded a strong PR69 by the most respected and trusted third party grading company in the world, PCGS. They are investment grade coins with breath-taking DEEP MIRROR FIELDS, FROSTED CAMEO DEVICES, and a razor sharp strike. The picture does not give this set the justice it deserves. NO TONING !!! These are coins you will never tire of looking at.

Jeff Smith

Monday, December 13, 2004

Mint State or Proof Coins which will go up more in value

Mint State or Proof Coins

I like the look the of a "Proof Coin" which has a real eye appeal; but will it go up more in value because of looks?? But some collectors feel the same about "Mint State Coins".

Lets take a situation where there is the same mintage of coins in Mint State and Proof. Yes I know that has not happen but I am trying to make a valid point. Since the Mint State coins did not get the loving care the Proofs did the grading of the Proofs will net more 69's than the Mint State.

So now we have more Proof coins graded 69 than Mint State. Now it should make sense why all of the Mint State American Gold Eagles have jumped in price over the past six months. It is still easy to aquire Proof coins and much harder to find the lower mintage in Mint State.

What do you think??

Jeff Smith

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